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In this case study, we dissect the key techniques behind the viral success, offering valuable insights for short-form content creators as well as brands looking to leverage organic viral concepts. 


the strategy

Our unique creative approach played a pivotal role in capturing the audience's attention, differentiating our content, and making it highly shareable.

Strategic incorporation of the popular "Area Codes" audio into our content allowed us to tap into existing buzz and reach a broader audience.

Seamless and captivating transitions between scenes added an element of surprise and visual appeal, keeping viewers engaged throughout the video.

In the name of creativity, we went on a bit of an experiment binge, trying out three content versions. It was the last version that earned an astonishing 2 million YouTube views.

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trend hacking

Dynamic Transitions


Our "trend-hack" strategy? Riding high on the viral sensation created by "Area Codes." DJs put their spin on it, while TikTok creators produced over 300k unique clips. While TikTok's magic doesn't directly impact Billboard's charts, it fuels digital sales and streaming. This strategy set the stage for our video's success. 

trend hacking

Transitions particularly in short-form video content, have become a common technique, especially in the beauty and fashion industries. Transitions can vary from simple cuts to intricate effects that require the use of applications like After Effects. In our case, the transitions we used weren't super complex, we utilized the free version of CapCut for video editing, and you can find more details about our process below.


the results

Discover the outcomes of our viral video strategy, including engagement, viewership growth, and the lasting impact on our audience.

In our first iteration, I crafted a captivating Get Ready With Me (GRWM) story posted on Instagram. The screen featured the text, "POV: Telling the story of how I met my white husband, 11 years ago." This version gathered 5,799 plays, 143 likes, and 10 comments. While it didn't go viral, it was an important starting point that offered valuable insights.






Video A: Get Ready With Me (GRWM)

Our second experiment took the form of a beauty transformation video shared on TikTok. This time, we dabbled with a transition inspired by Bex, albeit an imperfect one, as emphasized by the on-screen text: "Post your drafts, even if they aren't perfect." The result? A video that received 8,093 plays, 406 likes, and 14 comments on TikTok. 





Video B: Beauty Transition

And then came the breakthrough with Video C. In this iteration, my husband and I both took on roles. I portrayed Kali, narrating the story, while my husband stepped into the role of the boyfriend. We meticulously synchronized the lyrics with seamless transitions for each scene. The result was astounding – the video soared to 54k views in less than 8 hours on TikTok and currently boasts 322.6k plays. Its success extended to YouTube, amassing an impressive 2 million views and bringing in 5k new subscribers. This iteration was a game-changer, demonstrating the power of a well-executed collaborative narrative.

Video C: Couple's Transition video


youtube plays


tiktok plays

the takeaways

Learn valuable insights to elevate your own content creation game and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Elements that Elevated the Content

A. Transitions: The Art of Seamless Storytelling

 Although our approach to transitions wasn't overly complex, their strategic usage added a layer of creativity and artistic finesse to our content. However, the secret to effective transitions goes beyond their execution during filming. 

We recognized the importance of consistency from the very beginning. With post-production in mind, we used studio lighting to guarantee a uniform visual aesthetic across all scenes.

My husband and I filmed this video over two days during our daughter's nap time. This meticulous attention to detail proved to be the linchpin in crafting a video that offered viewers a seamless and polished journey through our story.

In video content, transitions serve as the invisible thread that binds scenes together, enhancing the storytelling and captivating the audience.


For instance, during a pivotal moment in the video where we discussed shopping, I grabbed a Sephora bag and playfully tossed it to my husband in the next scene. The unexpected catch added a touch of humor and authenticity, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. However, the magic didn't stop there.

At the last minute, we decided to incorporate toy phones as props, and the response from our viewers was nothing short of remarkable. The use of these props injected a sense of relatability and lightheartedness into our story, making it both funny and endearing. The enthusiastic comments from our audience reflected the success of this prop-driven approach.

Incorporating props may seem like a small detail, but it can significantly enhance storytelling, create memorable moments, and keep viewers thoroughly engaged. Our use of props proved to be a powerful tool in adding depth and authenticity to our content, resonating with our audience and contributing to the overall success of our video

In our video, the strategic use of props played a vital role in engaging our viewers and enriching the story.


In our initial iterations, I appeared as the sole on-screen talent, but it wasn't until the final version, the one that achieved an impressive 2 million YouTube views, that we introduced my husband as an integral part of the narrative, which added an extra layer of visual interest, authenticity, and engagement that significantly enhanced the content.

Introducing my husband alongside me in the video transformed the content from a solo act into a dynamic duo. It provided an opportunity for on-screen interaction, playful banter, and genuine moments that showcased the dynamics of our relationship.

The inclusion of multiple on-screen talents made the content feel relatable and personable to our audience. Viewers could see themselves in our interactions and connect with the genuine moments we shared on screen. This relatability created a personal connection and drew the audience deeper into the content.

The power of a second person presence in video content cannot be underestimated.

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In this case study, we've revealed the strategies behind our "Area Codes" video's remarkable journey to 2 million YouTube views. We've explored key elements like creative edge, trend utilization, transitions, storytelling, and the art of iteration.

Our journey showcases the importance of transitions, the art of prop usage, and the impact of introducing a second person on screen. These elements contributed to the video's success.

For brands interested in short-form content collaboration, reach out and let's create remarkable content together.

We are a husband and wife creator team based in Knoxville, TN, specializing in high-quality content that captivates audiences. With my expertise as a creator and creative strategist, and my husband's formal art education and 10+ years of experience in video and photography, we have the skills to produce compelling videos that people can't stop watching.

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