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Are you one of the countless content creators feeling overwhelmed and lost in the vast sea of 207 million creatives? Is your content planning not generating the engagement you expected?

I totally get you - you've been at it for a while now. Chasing trends, reimagining your aesthetic to mirror that 'influencer vibe', but the algorithm, well, it's more elusive than Gossip Girl herself.

I know this sounds familiar...

You're meticulously crafting your content plan and strategizing your posts across different platforms. But despite your consistent efforts, the results fall short:

You're meticulously crafting your content plan and strategizing your posts across different platforms. But despite your consistent efforts, the results fall short:

  • Your follower count and engagement rate barely budges, making you feel like you're shouting into the void
  • You thought becoming a UGC Creator was going to be easier than becoming an influencer, plot twist it isn’t.
  • You're trapped in a loop of gifted collaborations. Sure, the freebies are nice, but they aren't exactly paying the bills.

Here's the bitter pill: 67% of creators, probably just as lost as you, have yet to land a brand partnership.


I feel you. I was once in your shoes, figuring out the maze of content creation, battling the tricky algorithms and scratching my head over why my posts aren't blowing up like I'm Serena van der Woodsen walking into a room. But guess what? Turning this all-consuming passion into a paycheck? It's possible. The Gossip Girl level of success in the creator economy isn't just for the elite; it's achievable, even for us Brooklyn dwellers. 

Instagram trails closely, but what does this mean for you? It means opportunity. It means even though the game is changing, there's still a chance for everyone to secure their creator bag.

 Did you know that a shift is happening in the creator economy landscape? TikTok has become the new poster child for brand deals, with 45% of all agreements in 2023.

Influencer marketing channel by popularity

Enter the solution - my specially crafted services tailored for creators like you.

I've been grinding in the content creation world since 2017, from motherhood and lifestyle to tech, beauty, wellness, travel, fashion, and jewelry - I'm uniquely equipped to help you navigate this landscape.

Don't just take my word for it. One of my clients pocketed nearly $10k and grew her TikTok by an additional 12k followers, all within just 16 days. 

This was not a magic trick but a result of our collaboration and a strategic content plan. She posted a video that went viral and not only did that video catapult her into the TikTok Creativity Beta Program, it literally paid her mortgage for the month. Not too shabby, right?

Let's talk numbers - not the cost, but the value. 

Consider the countless hours, energy, and creativity you pour into your content. What is the potential income you're missing out on by not fully optimizing your work or exploring brand collaborations or other monetization streams? 

You can either spin your wheels trying to figure this out on your own, or join forces with me to accelerate your journey to becoming a successful creator. 

Not ready to make that investment just yet? No problem, dive into my free creator community and start your journey with like-minded creatives. 

Your success story starts here, are you ready?

Discover the Influential Creator's Masterclasses: Education for Creators


Class is in Session

Each month, I dive deep into a specific topic that's hot on the creator scene. From increasing your inbounds to securing your holiday creator bag, there's a masterclass tailored just for you. And here's the best part - you can join us live or grab a replay at your convenience.

What's in store for you?
  • Live, interactive sessions where we not only discuss, but also create.
  • Hands-on workshop-style classes, ensuring you walk away with tangible outcomes like pitch templates and mood boards.
  • Expert insights on trending topics and insider secrets to navigate the content creator world.
  • Opportunity to engage with a vibrant creator community, ask questions, and share experiences.

from $47/class

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Feeling like your TikTok and portfolio could use a little more spice?
Let's supercharge them together.

TikTok Audit & Portfolio Audit 

So, who's this for? It's perfect if you're a UGC Creator or Influencer:

  • Ready to magnetize brands to your profile and portfolio,
  • Keen on increasing your inbound inquiries from brands,
  • Wanting to ensure your content mix is well-balanced, engaging, and lucrative,
  • Or just in need of that professional nudge to identify opportunities for growth and optimize your TikTok and Portfolio presence.

from $97

Picture this: You and me, one-on-one on a video call, 60 minutes on the clock, and a whole load of creative energy ready to be unleashed. We're not just chatting, we're blueprinting your success as a content creator.

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1:1 Creator Mentorship

So, who's this for? This is for you if you're:

  • Feeling stuck in your creator journey and needing a custom content strategy,
  • Ready to monetize your passion, but unsure where to start,
  • Looking to optimize your socials for growth, engagement, and consistent income,
  • Or simply wanting to co-create with a creator mentor and educator - think of me as your creative partner-in-crime.

from $250

No more waiting around for the "right time". The time is now, and your creator success story starts with this call.

Creator Templates & Resources

Whoa there, hold up! Before you jet, did you know I've got a goldmine of kick-ass resources designed for creators like you?

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We're talking comprehensive eBooks, user-friendly Notion templates for smooth content planning, and a bursting-at-the-seams vault of unique content prompts.

The best part? They're all designed to propel your creator journey forward, increasing your visibility and monetization potential.